Unable to Install Insync on Zorin Pro 16.3

Hello everyone!

I was trying to install Insync but failed. It seems there is a dependency issue.

Please let me know if it can be fixed.


As I couldn't find this package in the default repositories I assume you followed Insync's download instructions to install it?

If so, you may have used the wrong codename to use for Ubuntu. ZorinOS 16.3 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and thus the codename to be used should be "focal" (no need to write it as "focal-fossa" or anything). With this, I can install it normally:

My file looks like this:

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/insync.list
deb http://apt.insync.io/ubuntu focal non-free contrib

Try to update this file to show as mine and test again.


From Google, I read zorin 16.3 is from ubuntu 22.04. So, I used jammy!

When I used focal, all went well.

Thanks a lot.


Google was technically right, but that description is somewhat misleading. "ZorinOS 16.3 runs on the Linux kernel 5.15 LTS from Ubuntu 22.04". Yes true for the kernel, not the rest of the LTS base.
Z16.3 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, albeit with the later 5.15 kernel associated with 22.04.
So need to use Focal, not Jammy.


Hello, I am a Zorin OS Pro 16.3 newbie, and a linux newbie. Installing Insync is quite the challenge for me as it has been over 20 years since I last tinkered with Linux. Why isn't this installed out of the box? Or at very least, make it available in the software store. I almost deleted the OS.

I wish to thank the people that responded here. How could I ever guess that deb http://apt.insync.io/ubuntu focal non-free contrib Was the answer?

While Zorin is a step in the right direction, the linux community should get its act together to make a true desktop competitor become a reality.

Hello @LucLeves

Actually, all these mess-ups happened because I tried with 22.04!

If you are zorin 16.3, just download the package double click and install; no additional steps are needed!

Download Ubuntu 20.04 package.


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Why would it? I prefer a minimal installation so that I could choose whatever packages I want installed in my system. I didn't even knew what Insync was before this thread.

In a similar way that you knew about ZorinOS being based off of Ubuntu. You obviously knew this upfront somehow, perhaps by reading about it on the ZorinOS website, from another other tech article, from a YouTube video, etc. Unfortunately you assumed that the latest version of ZorinOS translated to the latest version of Ubuntu.
However when you saw multiple download links you should've checked to make sure which one to use. You could've done so for example by visiting the main ZorinOS website, the ZorinOS wikipedia page or consulting these forums.

For reference, ZorinOS 17 will be using Ubuntu 22.04 as its base.

You are welcome to volunteer whatever free time you have to help out with reporting bugs, improving documentation or donate to projects such as ZorinOS, for example by purchasing Zorin OS Pro. If you don't like ZorinOS in particular there are hundreds of other projects that are always looking for volunteers.

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Hi zenzen,

For a Linux newbie wanting to get away from Windows, I must admit that it was quite the challenge. Over time, I will get used to the Terminal etc, but Windows is much simpler to use.... but is bloated and slows down over time.

This should have been in minimum in the software center with the right version. Simply providing feedback, as I have over 300 GB of photos, music, books etc that I wanted to synchronize onto my laptop.

As I write this, I am currently syncing all this with my laptop hard drive. I should have a much faster and hopefully, bug free computer.

I did purchase Zorin OS pro, this is a first step.


I think it is a sign of the times.

I also, never have heard of InSync until this thread.

The trouble is that whether it is included in the software store is not up to ZorinGroup, nor to Linux as a whole. It is up to the Maintainer of that package.
They must include it.
They must maintain it.

And it's a lot like the Pirates of the Caribbean scene where they vote on who is to be Pirate King. Everyone puts their own interests first.
Software Developers promote their own first and want users to be redirected to their page with their ads and their promotions and additional products, services and features.
This is not necessarily greed, either. There is good reason for wanting users to go to the source. From getting the most reliable information to being able to cover a variety of things that user may need to know, too.

When I first moved from Windows to Zorin OS, it was quite a struggle. I complained - often.
I made a lot of mistakes and my learning curve was a bit like a Teenage Richard Petty learning how to drive in a hemi Dodge Charger. I crashed a lot and broke a lot of things, too.
Now, I cannot fathom ever using Windows Daily again. They differences are so stark. Windows likes to wake your computer up from sleep in the middle of the night and Just Do Things. Your room brightens and you wake up to the sound of computer fans speeding up. Why?

Power outage? Zorin just boots right up. Windows needs to run checkdisk for 6 hours.

Not even touching the Windows Telemetry and usual complaints. Others have that well covered.


We've all been there.

I also found Linux challenging the first time I used it... but then again, I also found MacOS difficult and tedious the first time I used it, despite Apple being one of the biggest companies with extensive budget to pour into creating extraordinarily beautiful and user friendly user interfaces.
It's perfectly natural that you find things out of place when you're trying to go against decades of muscle memory. Especially when you expect the new thing to adapt to your old habits, instead of you adapting to the new thing.

Kudos to you for at least trying Linux out, most people don't. If you have any questions, we're all here to learn and enjoy the ride.


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