Unable to login (bug)

I tried login out of zorin. Now i cant login. When i try login. It will blink and comes bank to same page

Password is correct.

How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop - Make Tech Easier.

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I cant login via terminal showing invalid login.. Tried different ways. My password has @ and Capital letters also. Tried changing caps lock..

Nothing 🥲

Instead of using tty, use Recovery Menu
Tap the esc key after booting to pull up the Grub Menu
Advanced Options for Zorin
Zorin 5.13.0-44 (Recovery)

From the recovery menu, arrow key to the bottom to drop to root prompt.

I dont have grub installed 🥲. I was going to do boot fix tool. (Remember my last post)..

Can i do the same using a live usb?

Not easily. But I would go a different route- see if you can use the LiveUSB to recover personal data and files to a different USB stick.
Then, given your plethora of troubles, Reinstall Zorin OS. It really seems the safest bet at this point.

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Thnx. I will reinstall. Where should i choose the bootloader to be installed. Do you have any good tutorial? My last tutorial made me lose grub menu.

Should i make different partions like boot home etc.. Or just select a partition and it will do the rest?

I have dual booted windows to

I would recommend choosing the option to Install Alongside Windows.
Let the installer do the rest.
The only reason Not to do this is if your current install of Zorin OS is taking up too much hard drive space.
If it is taking up too much space... Then you would need to choose the "Something else" option, then remove the Zorin OS partition (click the - delete button), make it free space, then click the free space, click the add (+) button and format it as ext4

Then choose that partition to install Zorin OS to.

Be fearless. Mistakes can happen; if you make one, you are learning more on what to do and how to re-take control.

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Thnx :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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What about legacy mode. Should i turn it on or off :thinking:. I use windows 10

If Windows is using Legacy boot, Zorin OS should use Legacy, too.

Currently windows automatically loads up. So i should do any changes right?

Should i choose this option or the last one :thinking:

That is the Boot Manager.

Instead, you need the Grub menu:

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Too many errors for one day. 🥲.

Please disable both Fast Boot and Secure Boot:

I have them both disabled. Let me change my pendrive

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Is your USB hard drive a pen drive?

Yes. It used to work before. I tried both pendrives same issue and did mem test everything shows ok

Scroll down to the heading:

How to Make a Persistent Ubuntu USB Drive on Windows

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