Unable to login, startup stuck at Blue screen

New install, Pro. With logging out selected Zorin goes straight to blue screen, and stays stuck there. Force shut down needed. With Auto login disabled, on start up no login, Blue screen, stuck there. Repeated a fresh install, same problem. Any help appreciated. - On the first install I had auto login selected and did not use the log out option, on start up auto login and power off shut down worked.

CPU i7-870k 3.7. MOB Asus ROG STRIX Z390 Gaming. Graphics ASUS ROG STRIX RX570 8G Gaming.

Meanwhile, did another Zorin pro installation, with making updates. Selected auto login. At least back into Zorin, and can work out the logout problem and a potential fix.

Still same problem after 3rd install. Auto login works, logout goes to blue screen freeze. Probably graphics error. SSD M2 is new.

Yes, I disabled secure boot in bios,thanks. I have no need to use the logout, but sometimes there is prompt to do so after alterations to some settings, so far no such prompts have come up. With this current fresh installation there were major updates, that may have corrected things, we shall see. I'll let the os run for some time before trying out the logout function.

You were right. Secure startup was enabled in BIOS. I had disabled secure boot when removing windows 11, when putting in new SSD M2 for Zorin installation, maybe secure boot got enabled then. Anyway, thanks a lot. Lesson learned, double check.


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