Unable to map the ".xmind" file extension to xmind App

I use Xmind (on a number of platforms) and have installed it on Zorin (from the Software "store") without problems. However, I the file manager sees ".xmind" files as Zip archives and I can't add "Xmind" as the app to open the files as "Xmind" doesn't appear in the list of applications to open with in... Any pointers? I do notice that VYM is listed and I know it could open the file, but...

Rigt click on the .xmind file and choose properties. Now go to Open with tab. Scroll down to you find your application.

Many thanks, but (as I hoped I'd explained) the application doesn't appear in the list at all... any other ideas?

You need to find Xmind.desktop file and edit it. I guess you installed via softwarecenter and it's flatpak format so I have no idea where xmind.desktop is, but you can search for it via file-browser (outside home directory).
When found edit it.
Exec=XXX %F

A logout/login may be required.

EDIT: Try look in /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications

it appears it's a snap... looking deeper - thanks for the help!

No problem. Let us know if you have success.

In the end I managed to fix it by removing the snap package and installing the .deb instead :roll_eyes: