Unable to move docked icons in Zorin 16.3 core

I'm trying to rearrange the docked icons in Zorin 16.3 core by left clicking and dragging. It doesn't work and it just opens the app once I let go of the left mouse button. In order to rearrange the icons, I have to undock them and add them back in the order that I want.

I did not have this issue in version 16.2.

I would say that was a bug, fixed in 16.3. The idea of the taskbar being locked is to prevent accidentally dragging icons around.

Wait a minute:

Do you mean unlock or undock? If you right-click on the taskbar you can unlock it which will make it available for you to rearrange icons.

I meant undock.

Even when I unlock the panel, I am still unable to move the icons.

I do not see an option to unlock the taskbar when I right-click it.

Right-click on an empty spot of the taskbar, and select lock/unlock taskbar.

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I see no taskbar options when I right-click it. I see the following choices.

Panel >

Your Profile says you are on Zorin OS Core, but what you describe sounds like the panel on Zorin OS Lite.

On Zorin OS Lite, right click the panel, move to the Panel > (With the right arrow) and follow the arrow to open the popover menu that offers Panel Preferences
Click that and it will open a Popup Window with the Panel settings. Click on the third tab Items
You can rearrange all panel items in this window by using the Arrow Icons on the right hand side to select an item and use the arrows to move it up or down.

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