Unable to open .TIF file in Image Viewer in Zorin OS 16 Pro

Hey guys, first time posting a comment. Apologies if this is too much of a noob question.

Are there any good commands that I should run to open .TIF files in Image Viewer? Or a better program?

I have a .TIF image(file size=1.0 GB) that opens fine in GIMP 2.10 or PhotoPea, but when I try to open with the default "Image Viewer" I get problems. What usually happens, is that I'll click the file, and then after a minute, Zorin OS 16 will log me out and take me to the my main login page. It'll take me through a login loop, where the only way I can get back in is if I suspend my ThinkPad or restart the computer. Although sometimes, I can just log back in without having to do all that.

Any thoughts? I am working with this TIF file because the Printing Service I plan to work with requested this format. I've used Photoshop casually for years, but I'm okay with saying good bye to proprietary software. So far GIMP has not been fun to use, but if you guys think I should just bite the bullet and learn to deal with it, then I'll begrudgingly do that...

Anyway, here are the "Important Logs" that occurred after the event I described:

And here's my Neofetch if that helps....


Please let me know if any of you need more information on this. Any feedback or information would be most appreciated.


Have you tried XNview?


there are some (experimental) ways to install Photoshop 19 on Linux, as well as GIMP Customization packs to make it easier for Photoshop users to transition
(iirc that was just called PhotoGIMP)

I would go this route.
Gimp is quite capable. And quite similar to Photoshop.
But... Since there are differences, the largest hurdle to overcome for many is learning to use gimp after having learned on a different system.
It's like learning how to drive with an Automatic and then later learning how to drive a Manual.

I agree I use it but it took a little getting used to for me ..... I love the fact you can batch convert and batch name files separately ..... it took me the longest time to get used to double clicking on things when you want to open them as I use single click exclusively but now that I'm used to it it works even better than holding down Shift & LMB .... it also has a simple paint feature that works well ....

I hate Gimp but then I never did use Photoshop on Win .... just to darn many choices for me but then and used a couple of other programs which aren't available on Linux ..... but XNView MP (Multi Platform) works wonders for me .... just my $.02 worth ....

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