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Unable to Remove FreeCAD

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I asked my friend who also got Zorin Pro. He said, he is also facing the same issue. He removed it and it's still there. The same issue applicable for:


That is a very interesting piece of information.
I tend to keep everything in default setting much as possible and I did not notice it till you mention it.

Let's see what @Aravisian might say about this phenomenon.


I suspect the Flatpak has infact been removed but has left the icon behind. Hence clicking on it does not call up the app.

It looks like the Desktop Entry was not removed when Flatpak did the removal.
Can you check:

find / -name '*.desktop' -exec grep -H "Name=FreeCad" {} \; 2>/dev/null
find / -name '*.desktop' -exec grep -H "Name=Minder" {} \; 2>/dev/null
find / -name '*.desktop' -exec grep -H "Name=Scribus" {} \; 2>/dev/null

Remove any leftover Desktop Entries that you find; log out and in to test.

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Use synaptic, that one removes everything.

Not for Flatpak or Snap apps.

Maybe its a .desktop shortcut. That can be deleted easely


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I wish I had thought of that.

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Its only because i created a shortcut a few days ago and placed it in that folder haha :joy:

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Well i did not use the terminal :wink:

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Yes, in GUI - File Manager and File Manager opened with Root Privileges, you can check ~/.local/share/applications or /usr/share/applications for the desktop entries.

I gave terminal commands for certain searching, as looking at files in File managers mean files can be missed, visibly. Thunar displays .desktop entries differently than Nautilus does, for example. And sometimes, a person can look right at something and not even see it...

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I can see the files. But unable to delete.

How can I delete it?

Press the delete button or right mouse click on the file and remove.

Is hope this is not your first time you use a computer ?

In terminal, run

sudo -i

In order to elevate to Root Privileges.
Then launch the file manager:


With that open, now navigate to the files and you can delete them.

Once finished, close the Elevated to Root File manager to avoid any mistakes and close the terminal.
Test the application menu or launcher to ensure FreeCad is gone.

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Or add this function to Nautilus:
‘Open as Administrator’

sudo apt install nautilus-admin


I would have gone the simple route:

sudo apt remove flatpak snapd --purge

Diabolical isn't it....mmmmhhhhwwwaaahhaahhaaahaa. :smirk:


You forgot one more thing.
WE have this great tutorial by @storm :wink:


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