"Unable to remove "Name Of App" : you do not have permission to remove software

So I just started with 17.1 lite and everything seems fine so far but when I went into the software center to remove some games I knew I would not use I got this :

"Unable to remove "Name Of App" : you do not have permission to remove software."

I am supposedly an administrator so what do I do about this ?

Are these Programs are Snap, Flatpak or Zorin Packages?

how do I determine which of those they are ?

I see you used the Software Store to install these app's. There you should be able to see "Source" of each app download, as either Flatpak, Snap, or .apt from Zorin source.

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No, I didn't use anything to get them, I didn't go and find and specifically download them, they are/were part of the 17.1 Zorin software/system store and I just went to where it says "installed" and saw some I could remove but I can't remove them as I get that message.

For each "Installed" app shown in Software Store, if you click it, you will see after the general description, its source. That "source" is the question asked by Ponce-De-Leon.

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You might try launching from terminal:

sudo -i


In a previous thread, you had issues of Administrative authentication, as well:

I really think your best bet is a fresh reinstall of Zorin OS.


Well I may have to do that yes. But I wanted to see if I could correct a situation first before I throw in the towel and redo the entire laptop from scratch.

Plus it could just happen again as these issues only seem to pop up after upgrades are released.We need to know how to correct something from going wrong in the first place or it'll just happen again.

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Can you share the output of running groups in the command line?

myname adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape sudo dip video plugdev lpadmin sambashare

That looks normal... in Linux, what makes you an administrator is just the ability to run commands with sudo, which is usually granted via group membership like sudo itself. This in turn comes from a file promptly called "sudoers", and it's what ultimately determines which users and/or groups are "administrators".
Let's take a look at the sudoers file, then. You can run the command below, and the output should look like in the screenshot:

sudo awk '/^[^#\s]/ { print }' /etc/sudoers

The lines here that you see with "ALL" everywhere are the ones we're most interested in. If you see anything other than this, please let us know. In addition, take a look at the directory listed at the bottom:

sudo ls -l /etc/sudoers.d

It should only contain a file named "README". If there's anything other than that, please let us know as there shouldn't be anything by default.

Ok here is what I had :

Defaults env_reset
Defaults mail_badpass
Defaults secure_path="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin"
Defaults use_pty
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
@includedir /etc/sudoers.d

Well, in that case I think I give up... everything looks okay so far everywhere we've looked at.

You can always move all your files to that other user account created in the other thread, and start using that one instead :smiley:

Okay I have actually determined what this was all about.

In my startup items I had the "Polkit agent" box marked as off and not as "on" and after turning it on I no longer get this message.