Unable to removing Gnome Software Ctr. with killall/use Synaptic to remove?

So I tried to "killall" and then "rm -rf......" but nothing happened. I've installed Synaptic Package Manager and it shows:

Software Ctr. for Gnome
Software Ctr. for Gnome (common files)
Gnome Software Plugin Flatpak
Gnome Software Plugin Snap

listed as being installed.
Right clicking gives me the option of marking for complete removal.
Can I remove the software center this way? And should I include all of these 4 files?

If you remove Gnome Software, it will also remove the Zorin OS Desktop as a dependency.

You do not have to use the Gnome Software Center. You can just stick with using Synaptic Package Manager.

You can disable autostart of Gnome Software.

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