Unable to render video

when i try to edit video with Zorin on DaVinci resolve i cant view any video and if i use Wayland instead i get this error
if i run nvidia-smi it shows me that i have over 11gb of free video ram

it also happens when i try use a website to trim the video shown here

i recorded it with obs and remuxed the recording to make sure it was in a format it can understand
so i'm not sure why it wont work and hope someone can help


Change your boot option when you login to Zorin on xorg desktop via the cog that appears bottom right after you have selected your username.
Then install vokoscreen-ng (this is an excellent package for capturing screencasts). Next install KDEnlive - I use this for editing all my screencapture videos then render to mp4 and upload to Vimeo. No issues.

i found out that it was in fact the format of the video. apparently DaVinci resolve has very poor format support so i need to convert it to work. sorry for wasting your time.

No problem friend. The forum is here to support you, it is never a waste of time.