Unable to reply to specific comments (Resolved)

Screenshot from 2022-09-12 16-05-08
Clicking the reply button on a particular post does not work. What is wrong?

  • Zorin OS Core 16.1
  • Firefox 104.0

Try To,

  1. Clear Cache and Cookies
  2. Clear Browser Data.
  3. Reinstall the Browser
  4. Switch the Browser
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Does this happen with some posts, can you give examples? Does this happen after refreshing the site (Ctrl + R or Ctrl + Shift + R to do a hard refresh)? Does it happen after you log out and back in?

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I just deleted this domain's cache and cookies and logged back in.

Could it be due to tracking protection?

PS: Ah, I should have suspected this first. I didn't think the malfunction would happen without trackers.

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