Unable to save pdf files edited using Microsoft Edge

I'm new to Linux, so my apologies if this should be in the Ubuntu forum, and not Zorin. I am currently running Zorin 16 Core on three laptops (two dual boot with Win 10).
I am unable to save pdf files edited using Microsoft Edge (a built in feature), on every Zorin I am using. The Save and Save As features either do not respond, or greyed-out. It works perfectly fine on Edge on Windows 10.
As I still have yet to find a dedicated Open Source pdf editor, this is the one feature that keeps Windows on my machines, as much as I'd like to go full Zorin.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Libre office can export as pdf (creating then) not so sure about editing them. You can try selecting the text and copying into libre write... it would be possible that way.

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Edit: you may want to try okular.
In terminal:

sudo apt install -y okular

Thank you for your reply!

I tried each of your suggestions, and just to be clear that "editing pdfs" for me basically consists of filling out pdf forms and inserting a signature, and not moving around pages and whatnot.

As per your suggestion, I opened a pdf form using Libre Office, used "Insert Text Box" to create a text field, and exported it as a pdf file. So yes, that works. There might be a more efficient way of doing it in Libre, but this will do in a pinch.

I installed Okular, and it seems to be a pdf viewer, with no text editing/inserting features.

WPS on Windows had a pdf editor, but now it's a premium feature. And somehow the WPS on Linux is different... some of it is in Chinese and has no pdf editor or viewer.

Some have also suggested using Inkscape for filling out pdf forms, but I quickly gave up on that one.

Thanks again for your help.

I use Master PDF.
Version 4 is free and you can edit PDF with it.
Only annoyance is that it will ask you to upgrade to version 5 (paid version) every time you open it. Just neglect it and you are good to go :slight_smile:


I use this also.


I have another suggestion for you. I use Softmaker Free Office which does not include PDF Editing. But using it you can save and open files in any of several MS formats. I have received emails in the past offering me free PDF Editor if I upgrade to paid version of their Office Suite. Just another idea.

I tested this and you are right, the save and save as options are broken. I think this is a microsoft edge bug and that they will need to fix the problem...Until then you will have to use alternatives.


No guessing with this if or will it work. Does everytime

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Installed it, and yes... it's exactly what I've been looking for.
Thanks for everyone's help; means a lot for a Linux newbie like me.


I am glad my suggestion is working for you :slight_smile:
Actually it was my husband who told me about Master PDF.
It comes handy when two nerds :nerd_face: are living together and sharing Linux tips.

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