Unable to scan from Brother MFC-J5620DW

I've just switched to Zorin from Win10 and am not able to scan from a Brother MFC printer connected by WiFi to our home network.

The printer is listed, but it says it is driverless.

When I attempt to scan from the printer it says it's not connected to the network.

I downloaded **brscan4-0.4.10-1.amd64.deb ** from the Brother website and ran it from the desktop before rebooting, but the scanner still is not connecting to the PC.

You have to add your printer to the Document Scanner.
This is how mine looks like:

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FrenchPress is so right!

Click on the Zorin :zorin: icon, then click settings. Scroll down till you see PRINTERS, and click on that.

Click on ADD, to add your lovely printer. Once your printer is setup on your computer, then you should be able to use it.

This is what my setup looks like with my HP Laserjet 2100TN added.

Thanks guys, but the printer is already recognized.

It is just the scan function that is not.

Please make sure you have installed Synaptic Package Manager. Then load the APP, enter your password that is required, then on the right side, click on search. Type "Brother" and hit enter.

Right click on everything in there that has to do with Brother printers and scanners, and mark them for installation. Once you are all done marking them. Then click the "Apply" button at the top.

StarTreker, who has survived OS destruction, and is barely back from the brink, and is already providing technical support. May no one ever question my dedication lol.


I installed the package manager and then the Brother components

But after rebooting, I get the Zorin splash screen and then nothing but a black screen.

I've unplugged the cpu but no joy.

That is odd... I wonder if something other than Brother Printer Components got caught up in the mix and installed along with.
Can you please try tapping ctrl+alt+F3 from that screen to see if you can enter TTY?
If so, relay the terminal output of the following command input into the TTY screen using PasteBin:

awk '$3~/^install$/ {print $4;}' /var/log/dpkg.log

If unable to get into TTY,
Try tapping the esc key at boot to pull up the Advanced Options for Zorin in Grub menu, then arrow key to it - select Recovery Menu
Then arrow key down to Drop to Prompt and perform the

awk '$3~/^install$/ {print $4;}' /var/log/dpkg.log

and relay the output here using Pastebin.

Tapping ctl alt F3 brought up this but I'm not able to type anything


What the heck? Installing printer drivers should never ever cause you to lose your GUI! I have no clue what is going on now. I guess this is where Aravisian takes over cause I don't know how to get you back from the brink now.

I am stumped, too. This is something utterly new.
Hockey, can you try the other option of tapping esc?

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We're making progress

Got into recovery mode, clicked on grub but not sure about proceeding


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You see in that menu root Drop to Prompt

Select that.
This part will be tedious... Because you cannot just copy and paste it over...
Carefully (no typoes allowed) type in:

awk '$3~/^install$/ {print $4;}' /var/log/dpkg.log

If you like, you can keep using Photos of your screen to relay the results here. They may be pretty long... It is the ones toward the bottom we are looking for. You will know the region by the "brother" packages in the list.

Never mind. Found another error

Not sure if you can see it but it says there's a syntax error. I missed the 3 on the first try


Did it yield no Results?

After finally typing the correct text:

There's the problem.

The package manager read the dependency for the i386 package and removed the 64bit package you need.

Try running

sudo apt install -y libc6

And relay What that terminal syas here, please.

It asked if I wanted to remove a long list of installed files no longer needed.



This does not look good.
Did it give a y/n prompt prior to installing?

Yes it did

Wondering if I should just reinstall and start over?