Unable to setup pinch to zoom gesture

I've just installed zorin os and it seems pinch to zoom gesture and a bunch of gestures I'm used to doesn't come out of the box on zorin os 16 for me. I went through a couple of forum posts that said to install touche and it's accompanying components (The main Library that touche uses is installed by the way).
Touche isn't available on the software store. The other approach is to use flatpak to install it, I have no issues with that, I'd been following along with the steps until I saw something about gnome 45 being needed for it to work and I'd been reading stuff about how gnome 45 is causing issues.
What's your recommendation for me?

It asked to install about 6 other packages/libraries asides touche

I've installed touchegg, touche, x11 gestures extension and i'm unable to configure pinch to zoom. How can i go about this?

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