Unable to SSH/Ping local network computers

hi there, I just installed ZoriBook Pro and I am loving it. however I seem to be having an issue with local networking. I cannot SSH or Ping other computers on my local network! there are about 4 other computers on the local network (Ubuntu, Fedora an iMac and another MacBook Pro). all of these can SSH into each others and they can SSH into Zorin Lite too. but my newly installed Zorin laptop cannot SSH out or even Ping others! strangely I still can SSH into my remote Digital Ocean server, accessing Internet and everything else is fine. Just something preventing me from accessing local network PC's. SSH command just hangs in there, I have installed openssh-client/server and all the keys etc are set. firewall port 22 is open too. any idea? many thanks

Hi, and welcome!

You may want to check the logs in the rest of the machines on your network to see if they've logged any failed attempts, which may reveal the problem i.e., some old and forgotten firewall rule.

Another thing you can try, if you are using ssh keys, is specify the -o IdentitiesOnly=yes to prevent the ssh client to try all possible found keys which could result in your other machines locking you out.

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