Unable to switch the Bluetooth profile to HFP in Zorin OS 17

Hello everyone! Long time lurker and finally my first post...a cry for help.

I have a pair of Sony WH-100XM5 headphones connected via Bluetooth. They connect and work to the A2DP profile as expected. However when I try to switch to HFP, it does not work. I also tried using Blueman and it fails with the error: "Failed to change profile to handsfree_head_unit"

This previously worked in Zorin OS 16 for me using the settings and the Quick Settings Audio Panel Gnome Extension.

Any ideas/suggestions for this?

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Sound issues are always much fun:

Yep! Especially during calls :smile:
Sadly that solution is the right direction but it seems that the ofono-phonesim cannot be located.

Following that up with bluetooth - When will add ofono-phonesim to the focal repository (20.04)? - Ask Ubuntu
But that seems to result in a different error, as sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smoser/bluetooth reports

Err:12 https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/smoser/bluetooth/ubuntu jammy Release
  404  Not Found [IP: 443]

Looking at the repository packages, the maintainer has not included Jammy in its repository. It has Focal (Zorin OS 16) as well as interim releases like Hirsute and Groovy...
I am uncertain why the maintainer has not included the latest LTS... But we may need to find another way...

Hi fellow Bluetooth sufferer,

I have the same model headphones and found a solution for Zorin OS 17 after an annoyed week.
PipeWire for the win!

I used the guide linked below. Pay attention to follow the Ubuntu 20.04 comments and include the Bluetooth part.

You can check the installation via:

pactl info | grep "PipeWire"
Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 1.0.0)

qpwgraph will then give you a nice overview of what is currently happening in audio.

Then it's personal preference how you would like to switch your audio profiles between "high fidelity playback" to enjoy music and "headset head unit" for calls.
blueman works for me, screenshot of my preferred pavucontrol below.

Toodle-pip :headphones: :musical_note:

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