Unable to upgrade to Zorin 17

I purchased Zorin 16 a few years ago and am now running 16.3. I tried upgrading to 17 through the upgrade feature in system tools. It keeps telling me that there are no upgrades available.

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Please read this.


Thank you, duly noted. Patience is the key.

Thank you, I was confused how I can upgrade to 17. It would be nice if the Upgrade Zorin app had a little note about 17 coming in the future. Since the emails about 17 didn't mention how to upgrade, just the new features.
Will we need to purchase 17 to upgrade from a 16 Pro to 17 Pro?

Yes, each major release of Zorin OS Pro is a new version.
Each purchase of Pro lasts the lifetime of the release.


Just bought the 17 pro version but can´t seem to upgrade via the upgrade tool, it says no upgrade available?

Can anyone be more specific in when (days, months) the upgrade to 17 will be available via the upgrade tool?

The ZorinGroup operates on a "release when ready" schedule for stability and for security. If they comment on a set date; then this can create a situation that pressures them to release something; even if it is not passing testing. It is better to avoid that conundrum by ensuring all things are working to the best of their ability and releasing when actually ready.

Some users in some regions have been able to use the Zorin Upgrader, already. So we know that progress is being made and the work is being done. Once the ZorinGroup is satisfied and confident that all regions can safely use the Upgrader, they will Officially Release and make an announcement.


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