Unable to use ssh in terminal on Zorin laptop to my NAS

I have a Raspberry Pi with USB drive attached and am using it as backup storage for my Liinux computers.
I can access it from the terminal in all my other computers running Linux or Mac OS, but can't access it from my laptop running Zorin.
I would very much appreciate any help.

Useful threads etc here:

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried all of them and still unable to ssh into my Pi NAS.
When I check the status of. ssh on the.zorin laptop it is enabled and active.

I have discovered that the problem is not with Zorin OS. I loaded a different distribution {Ubuntu} and had the same trouble. I then tried connecting a wired ethernet connection and it worked fine. It seems to be something to do with the wifi adapter but it works ok to access web sites etc.
I am really baffled now.

Have you checked your firewall ports?

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