Unathorized sellers of Zorin?

Amazon offers Zorin OS for 13.67 euros. is that legal?

Probably no, as far as I know, you can buy PRO version only from Zorin directly.

From amazon maybe that is a dvd with older core versions


I don't think it's legal but is probably not safe, either.

Probably worth reaching out to the developers directly to let them know about this in more detail (scroll down to the contact section):


Do you have a link at Amazon? we can then alert the devs.
I would be highly suspicious of the content.

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This doesn't sound legit, like the others in the forum have said I would contact the devs. Zorin is an awesome distro and all money needs to go to the developers.

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For what it is worth I can not find Zorin os anywhere on Amazon?

It is listed in the German store:

Link: [redacted]

The seller is:

Dorfstraße 68
16356 Ahrensfelde

They also run the website [redacted].

It seems like they sell all kinds of Linux distributions that way. And to put a cherry on top, they somehow find people who buy them. Boggles the mind. :see_no_evil:

Granted, I know that back in the day people were allowed to sell shareware on a CD, as long as they charged for the CD and not the content. Of course, they do not give any description of what they are offering. It could be any version of Zorin OS.

Maybe somebody from the team could give the Zorin brothers a heads-up and let them decide what to do.

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I will tag the devs @zorink @AZorin accordingly.

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I don't see them advertising the 'Pro' version - and looks like the price of the USB. I see tons of these out there; but none of them claiming to offer any paid apps / software..

I'd need a link to the 'item' to do more investigations but, if they're not selling the 'Pro' version, or not specifically stating that they are the sole proprietor to the OS - then there's not much that can be done. One would probably dispute the purchaser is only buying the USB, with the loaded OS. And without having it in-hand to do even more investigations, then legally - moot point..

Also, that's not in support / defense of these or like items, or offering these - but will be kind of hard to win if disputed; like the OS stickers. Unless they're claiming sole proprietary rights - nothing really to go on..

I think we all assumed that would be the case right away without looking to much into it... :sweat_smile:

Apparently, the GNU General Public License allows for it:

[...] Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for them if you wish) [...]

So, they should be compliant if they offer Zorin OS Core or light.

And yes, it is probably a moot point.


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