Uncompression error. system haulted!

I've installed Zorin many times. Made a new USB Stick for Zorin 16 and tried to install.
I get "uncompression error-system haulted"
I have no problem installing MINT on the same computer...
So, what's up?

This sounds like a bad burn, to me. I would wipe the USB stick and format it. Redownload Zorin OS (to ensure a good copy) and check the 256SHA.
Burn the Bootable USB stick and install.

You may also need to check the integrity of the USB stick. If it is pretty old, it may be wearing out.

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You can check the hash of the iso you download and compare it to the list of hashes on the Zorin download page. It may not have been the burn itself but a corrupt iso, if not the usb stick.

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