Understanding codecs?

Do I need to install extra codecs, as mentioned on a U/tube vid I watched?🔥15 Things You MUST DO After Installing Zorin OS - YouTube

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Codecs are utilized by multimedia applications to encode or decode audio or video. To play encoded streams, the correct codec needs to be installed. I think some formats are patented tho so there non-free.

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Thank you, shall delve deeper into this.

The time I spend while distro hopping, I found not all of them had the codecs preinstalled.

Back then I was fond of Linux Mint (the kde version) but still I had to manually install codecs. But when it comes to Zorin often there are no problems everything comes out of the Box while using the same hardware.

If your hardware running good with every media application that comes preinstalled, then you don't have to worry and no additional codecs are needed.

There's nothing to dive deep into.

There was a option to install some codecs at install.

Open Store, install Synaptic. Open Synaptic, search "restricted". Page down to and make sure Ubuntu restricted and extras are installed as well as Zorin Restricted. If they are not, install them.


As a complete newbie to Linux, everything is a learning curve but followed the tips and all is well, really appreciate your help thank you.


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