Undo Moving a Folder/File? (Feature Request) ZorinOS Lite

Hi. So I accidentally clicked my mouse while moving it, which may have accidentally moved a folder or file to another folder.
But it happened too fast. And since there's no undo for moving or deleting folders/files, there's no easy way of me finding out which folder I moved, and where I moved it to.
I'd have to look through every folder there until I find one that's out of place.

Can you add undo and redo for moving folders, please?

Believe it or not, I have done this more then once. I too would appreciate a undo feature as well for file/folder copy and move. I am afraid the only way I know, is to do what you just said, go through every folder and look for something out of place. Next time you will have to be more careful. Thats the kind of thing that taught me!

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CTRL + Z to undo. Using this commando a long long time.


Yes, but does that command work in Nautilus windows?

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Yes it does.

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If you are using nautilus, after deleting files an undo option appears on top.

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So I tried Nautilus, and it seems to work, but now I have to figure out how to pin it to the taskbar which is more complicated than I thought.

So I'll try to figure that out. But having undo out of the box for Zorin OS Lite / XFCE / Thunar File Manager would be nice. So please still consider adding this feature.

That's easier to do then you think. When Nautilus is open, right click it's icon down in taskbar. Then click, add to favorites. :slightly_smiling_face:


The ctrl+z works in Nemo file manager, as well. Just tested it in Thunar, and Nope.


Somehow, it pins now!
Ps I think Zorin OS Lite (xfce) is a little different from Zorin OS. But there was an option to pin the app this time for some reason.

So I got Nautilus to work afaik, and undo works now. Thanks.

But still, having undo/redo ready to go in Zorin OS Lite would be awesome, since Linux distros aren't always beginner friendly in my experience.

This is why I prefer Nemo File manager on Zorin OS Lite.

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I was only using Thunar file manager because that's what Zorin Lite came with.

One thing I liked about Thunar was you could set it to highlight files that your mouse cursor hovers over (without having to click on them). And you could shift+drag your mouse to select a bunch of files.

It sometimes wasn't working properly. (Also, I didn't know you could turn on one-click-to-open for desktop files. You just have to turn this on in the desktop settings, not file manager settings). But I liked the idea and I kinda miss it now that I'm using Nautilus.

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