Undo my Gnome menu change

I was testing out the Kiran menu from Gnome extensions. Unfortunately, it installed the Cinnamon desktop which I didn't realize would happen. When I go back to Gnome extensions to uninstall it says:

Unable to locate GNOME Shell settings or version. Make sure it is installed and running.

Is there an easy way to restore my system back to Zorin? I tried reverting to a Timeshift image, but that didn't work.


Your system is still Zorin, you just changed DE from Gnome to Cinnamon. Can you see if you can switch at the login screen, just like for Wayland, by selecting the little cog?

I never heard of Kiran Menu- and a Gnome Extension should not install an entirely different D.E.

I looked it up and found this:

Which leads to a Browser Warning trying to get to their homepage. I "accepted the risk to continue" and it led me to a 404 error in Chinese.

Yes, there is a choice for both Zorin and Wayland. When I pick Zorin, it requires a password and does not accept the correct password. I am replying to this message under the Cinnamon desktop, which did accept my password. Weird, huh?

It is listed under Gnome extensions: Kiran Menu - GNOME Shell Extensions

Yes, that is the same link I posted above- and if you read the reviews on that page - they say similar complaints as yours.

Looks hijacked, to me.

One of the comments gives what he says fixed for him:

Doesn't work on Debian 10 with Gnome 3.30.2, the system crashed into a loop at the login screen, I had to enter with CLI/TTY and went to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and remove your extension, then rebooted the system and everything got back to normal...

cfmarco said a different but similar solution worked for him (both solutions should work)

It additionally crashed the system, produced an infinite loop when trying to login which didn't work. Had to open terminal at login (ctrl+alt+F3), disable all extensions (gsettings set org.gnome.shell disable-user-extensions true), and first then could I log in and uninstall this extension. Afterward, you just enable extensions again and everything works (gsettings set org.gnome.shell disable-user-extensions false).
Be careful.

The reason I tried this is because I wanted a better menu that I could pin my favorites to. This Cinnamon desktop allowed me to install the CinnVIIStarkMenu. I quite like it. I think I will live with this Cinnamon desktop for a while.


I switched to Cinnamon on Zorin sometime back and I also use Stark Menu. I use Cinnamenu on one monitor and Stark on the other. I love both menus for their features and often recommend them elsewhere.
The themes I make also are themed to include Stark Menu and Cinamenu, for this reason.

Where can I find your themes?

Currently, they are unavailable until I complete my website for them. I used to upload them to Opendesktop / Pling. However, Pling has broken its contract with me on three separate occasions and you know the saying: the first time the horse kicks you...
I stated in my Pling Profile my precise reasons for leaving Pling and pulled down every single product. I learned recently that Pling Deleted my account, removing the Information saved in my profile and preventing it being seen.
Which means I have updated my website to reflect all that information.

When I complete the site - I will post a thread on this forum updating anyone interested to the new location.

In the meantime, if you like, I can compile a preview of the themes I have and post a new thread on this forum with that and MediaFire you any you are interested in.

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Yes, please. I would like to preview them.

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