Uninstall third party softwares

hey i want to uninstall thirdparty softwares in zorin os16 how i do this?

You mean the pre-installed apps ?

What you can do is remove them 1 by 1 using the store (safest way). If i am not wrong you could right click on it and there was a line "show in store" if you click on that one you could delete it.

Or use the terminal and use --purge remove command. You can remove mulitple apps, just change the appname with the app you want to delete

sudo apt-get --purge remove appname1 appname2 appname3

Or use synaptic (advanced users)

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no my means those app which i download from browser and install it manually ..but not from software application....

those thirdparty apps also unable to found in stores...like i want to do uninstall this app how to do this?

Then i would suggest to use synaptic, that one shows everything that is installed. Use it with caution.

i found a way this is windows application i browser c:drive by using wine and uninstall this programm like windows

thanks i got it...

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Glad you found your own solution, i did not know this was a windows app installed with wine.

Is ok ,you help me a lot actually i am a window user i am using zorin since 3 months ...and a lot of things in learning phase how to install/uninstall programs etc in windows its too easy but in zorin you need to have a technical knowldge.. sometimes i totally stuck i think sometimes i switch back to windows ....

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Hello johnalam,
I wonder how you managed to install this app. Searching the net, I discovered that it's android app for ITV, but I might be wrong, and Wine or the Windows install application is not capable for installing android apps (apks). Besides these won't run on Linux.


You're right, it is an IPTV application designed for Android devices, but it does have a Windows version as well - however, it's been installed successfully but not run :frowning:

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