Uninstall Zorin and install Windows

Heya. I've been using Zorin for almost a year now, and as wonderful as it is I can't use a lot of my hardware with it.

Due to this, I want to switch back to Windows. Is there any easy way to do this? I've looked at the other topics and I genuinely do not understand how to do this at all. I also only have one USB with enough space to store an OS image.

Yes, it is quite easy.

Another option is that you can explore other Distros like Debian 12 or Asmi 23.10 and see if they provide the hardware support you need rather than falling back to Windows.

You do not need to take any steps to "uninstall" Zorin OS as the act of installing an operating system (any) includes Formatting the drive. You can wipe the drive and format.

Here is the Microsoft Guide to install Windows OS from a USB stick:

As you can see it is pretty straightforward:

  • Burn the .iso to the USB disk (Same as when you installed Zorin OS)
  • Boot the USB stick
  • Follow the installer prompts

It should go without saying Backup your data first

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Just follow a normal windows installation.

Preferably you already have a windows USB, but if not, Ventoy works well to boot windows ISOs.

Note that Ventoy isn't a traditional image burner, instead it burns it's own, tiny image onto the USB and leaves the rest as free storage. You can then just put an ISO onto the free storage and boot from the USB. Ventoy will automatically detect any ISOs and allow you to boot them, including Windows ISOs.

As long as you have not removed a device from MS servers in your account you can reinstall Win 10 or 11 with on charge.

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