Uninstall Zorin OS Lite from USB Flash Drive

Hi, so I recently installed Zorin OS Lite on my USB flash drive to give it a try, but never really installed it on my PC, I was just running it through the flash drive. But when I'm running Windows 10 (Which is the OS I normally use) and plug in the flash drive into my computer, it just won't let me have access to it. It doesn't shows up as if it were plugged in, but when I go to Disk Management, it is right there, so the system actually recognise it, but it won't let me have access to it and use it normally. What can I do?

Will it allow you to re-Format the USB drive?
If it does, do a full-format i.e. uncheck quick format option.

What tool did you use to create your bootable USB? Not Balena Etcher I hope, which is proving notorious for fossilising USB sticks into coal.


Actually, I kept looking about this and finally got to a solution! And yes, I used balenaEtcher. I had to follow a few steps from the actual balenaEtcher page, and got to give it back to life again. Thanks for your time!


DO NOT, I repeat.... DO NOT ever use Balena Etcher ever again. That software is so bad, that it springs hatred out of me. Why? Cause it acts like a dang virus and destroy's USB flash drives.

Use Rufus or Unetbootin.

Or use my personal favorite, Popsicle!

you can also check ventoy if you want to keep multiple iso on one pen drive

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