Uninstall zorin

Installed zorin 16.1 on Dell 3510 after win11. Need to uninstall Zorin & return to Win only. how do I proceed?
Please advise.


These steps here should help you:

It is very important to follow the guide on repairing the Bootloader. In this case, we are using Ubuntu as analogous to Zorin OS.

Use the Windows 10 boot drive, Go to Advanced Options

Use CMD (Command Prompt)

To Wipe the entire usb using window's diskpart. Available in win 10 bootable drive in advanced option/cmd.

To use diskpart

This will Wipe All operating Systems from your PC, select your disk carefully.

Force Restart, Install win 10.

To create a bootable drive

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RINGO has Windows 11 not 10.

Both the Boot Drives work Similarly. He only need's the Command Prompt. Then Reboot and Install preferable windows using the same drive.

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