Uninstalled a flatpak via Software but the app is still installed

I installed Cryptomator via the Software app. It was a flatpak. I have decided to uninstall it so I did so via the Software app. In that app it now shows with an install button. However, Cryptomator is still running on the machine.

Why has the Software app failed to uninstall it yet think it is removed?

Please open the Terminal and type flatpak list
This will show You a List of installed Flatpak Programs.

flatpak list still shows it

Also, I uninstalled Dropbox from Software app and a dialog came up saying did I also want to delete all settings (or something like that). Yet there is still a ".dropbox" folder in my home folder with lots of files in it. It makes me wonder what else has been left behind outside my home folder.

Is there an app like Revouninstaller but for Linux?

When it is still shown try the Following:

Open the Terminal and type flatpak uninstall [Package-Name-from-the-List] --delete-data

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