Uninstalling under windows 10 (along with)

Hello everyone

I am new at this and am trying xorin 16 and liking what I see. I got the pro version and tried it on 2 pc's but I did one on it's own and the other along side windows 10. I have 2 questions

  1. How do I unstall the zorin 16 and keep the windows 10. If I do uninstall it will it get rid of the startup screen I get with the options to run zorin and other advance and windows manager

  2. Is there a way to set it up to boot windows 10 instead of zorin. I do remote work on my pc with windows 10 and when I reboot it goes to zorin.

anyway thanks in advance and I am enfoying this version of linux. Next I will try out the set up for blind people since my fiance is blind. Hoping to get out of windows and into this version of linux. So far I am impressed

You do not need to uninstall it; in a partition manager, you can delete the partition and then expand Windows 10 into that free space to reclaim it. However, do not perform this step until addressing the below:

This I do not know enough about- I do not dual boot, nor use Windows anymore. It may be wise to hold off on deleting the Zorin OS partition until managing the Boot is fully addressed.

You will have to restore the files in the efi partition. There are several articles dealing with this, search restoring windows 10 bootloader. It is an involved process, why I'm not going into it here (a Linux forum).

Boot priority can be changed by editing grub and the linked method still works. There is also the grub-customizer in the repository. I have used both before moving to different drives for each operating system.

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