Uninstalling Zoom

MAJOR blunder! (to the tune of 200 bucks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Downloaded/installed Zoom… virtually impossible to find live customer support…
“AI” is more artificial than intelligent.
Need to uninstall zoom…
will look elsewhere for skype replacement

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Did you install through Software Center? If so, go back to Software Center, Installed - top middle, then scroll down to Zoom (alphabetical order) and click the 'uninstall' button on the right. Looks different than the MS store but, same functions really. There is a version of Skype for Linux, btw..

If you're looking for a Windows installation guide: this should have all you need for reinstalling Windows - has both 10 and 11 versions.

And have to ask.. what is the '200 dollar blunder' about?

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Recommend Jitsi, instead of Zoom.


Another vote for Jitsi here. If you have an android phone, install 'Jitsi Meet'.
If using a Browser, preferably one with Chrome Extensions, use the web address of

You create an obscure room with an obscure title, e.g, WhyUseZorin?
and an equally obscure password, then invite people via email (or text if using Phone). When I had some audio issues with my GNU/Linux install that I was using, I was able to connect to the same web meeting, using JitsiMeet on my android phone.

If you have an Apple phone:


Oh and it is all free (but not for business use - that requires a subscription to the company that bought it out, 8X8).

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I got a kick out of this line.

If you can quickly give a brief description on what method you used to install Zoom, we probably can help you get it uninstalled.

...Then you must have missed my diatribe regarding the plans to making my trusty old 650,00km Mercedes Diesel illegal...
Only to be replaced by self-immolating, self-crashing EVs (that i cannot afford)

To the point: IFAIR (As Far As I recall) zoom was installed directly from their website.

Skype was installed from the blue... Shopping bag? (lower left screen)
Had to temporarily revert to that last remnant of MS-ware... to cajole a refund from zoom. (phoning Zoom, from Poland to English-speaking U.S. is not going on the Platinum Card... that I ain't got)

Still need to eventually ditch Skype... after U.S. number is "ported over"

Downloaded/installed "Linphone" I think, can't seem to find which category it is located under.
does not show up as "installed" under software "blue shopping bag"
(is that what is meant by "software center"?)
Skype shows up under left-menu "internet

Regardless, will give Jitsi a shot, and hope for the best...
REALLY not interested chatting with hordes of grinning faces...
just, simple, one-on-one calls.
Jitsi not listed in software shopping bag... just jitsi meet"
BTW, can my current U.S. skype number be "ported over"
('DID" SIP", etc... ummm)

Installing/unistalling softwre used to wreak havoc with the "registry"
don't want to turn this Linux install into a polluted, stumbling junk yard.

Again, thanks all

went to Jisti to download Ubuntu/Debian:
Looks like BBS posting of yore..

This is for a Zorin desktop, to make one-on-one VOIP calls

Paid for something that ain't, won't, can't
refund purportedly "in the pipeline".

Ah, cannot speak for refunds - not a Zorin affiliate..

I have never suggested you download Jitsi on the PC. Yo use your browser to go to https://meet.jit.si. The apps are for smart phones. Once you have setup a meeting room in your browser, the website remembers it.

I can't speak on the porting process.. I only know mobile to mobile porting, usually takes like 24hrs to complete sometimes. Skype and others though, definitely different I'm sure.. especially with international porting; sorry to hear you're having issues with that..

DID's though, those are like internal number groups for separate departments; sales would have like a x4000, marketing x5000 and numbers in those extensions as well. Usually calls enter a PBX system, an operator or automated system directs where to connect to, and the call is made. If you dial the primary site number with the extension, you'll bypass the operator or automated system by using the DID number in place of the site extension. And can be used with VoIP calling as well with SIP - a large number of businesses these days use VoIP services for cost effectiveness. And of course, you can add POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines to that.. I didn't get to really dive deep into telephone stuff like I wanted; time was cut short. But it's complicated, to say the least lol can be.. But using Skype, for example, that would be SIP for common use. I'm sure there are business packages, and I'm not sure if you're running a business type setup - but for personal use, should be just a SIP connection to the provider. Porting and completion willing..

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Clarification: refund from zoom.

aha... thanks, my goal is just for plain old vanilla one-on-one desktop calls to the U.S. (and SMS/TXT to/from contacts' cellular/my PC)
With the added feature of a stateside tel. number, showing up on U.S. Caller ID
(that would be my skype "SIP"), also, this would be the number relatives would "dial"( an ancient artefact? Today, we simply mash buttons)...
Assuming I was logged on to my PC and skype (original Win10 PC was set up to automatically open/logon skype, "in the background"...
With the added feature of indicating missed calls and/or SMS/TXT)
Really no interest in cluttering my cell phone with more distractions (Samsung J5- android??... particularity while driving in Polish Kamikaze traffic)
Part of my initial confusion was "VOIP" vs. "video chatting", vs. "soft phone";
something that was pre-packaged with MS-skype.
Apparently, "Linphone" being a, predominantly Linux, "soft phone"
An aside: old mountain hermit, regarding installing a telephone; "why in the hell would i want a bell in my hut that every damn body in the world can ring??"... I tend to not entirely disagree.
The thought of happy, chattering over-caffeinated faces flooding my screen is also... "less than palatable" for this old phart.
Skype is my last step in extricating myself from 50 years of MS/Winworld.
This is not some pseudo-political Rage against the Machine; although my profound displeasure with as much is well founded; having heard much of the wonders, time to emigrate to Zorintopia.

Thanks for the clarification(s)

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Gotcha - yeah, no worries!

Hope you get some traction with the porting! :crossed_fingers: Bug the living daylights out of them lol na, maybe don't.. I wouldn't think it would take too much though - kinda like waiting around for the repair guy to show up "between the hours of 8am-8pm" :laughing: I hate that!!

I did forget about Google Voice, just another option. They also have options kind of like Skype for personal lines and others. I'm sure you've already viewed that though lol ..

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From Community leader, Jitsi Community forum:
" The short answer to what you’re looking to do is, no, Jitsi Meet cannot do that (at least, not out of the box).

Jitsi Meet is purely a videoconferencing application that allows you to connect easily without fuss or the need to download additional software (or provide extra information, if you’re hosting your own server). There’s a component of Jitsi called Jigasi that allows for voice connection to Jitsi meetings, but it does not function quite like what you’re describing (Skype).

All that said, just about anything is possible with Jitsi, if you have the know-how and resources. You can extend the capabilities of the application by developing add-ons to do what you need it to do."

...Any opinions regarding "Discord"?

Looking like MS and Zuckerberg have the market stitched up:
surprising that a simple, personal iteration has yet to be invented.

Hoping to find a purely, or predominantly Linux iteration;
Not averse to paying for the services I am looking for...
(5 bucks a month for a MS- skype "SIP" number was well within reasonable)

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I have and use Discord. It does provide video calling, as well. I am not sure if it meets your needs or not but you can test it.
Discord is Open Source and I have generally found it reliable. I use BetterDiscord which is a layer on top of the standard Discord App.

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