Unistall VPN Unlimited

Hi everyone,

I have installed VPN Unlimited as I have a lifetime subscription.
Unfortunately, when it is started, the internet does not work, Google does not even open.
I tried to switch servers but nothing.
I installed it with Software, but now I can't find it anymore and I don't know how to uninstall it.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?

The written (translated) says that it is impossible to release updates for VPN Unlimited as it does not have a release file ...

Thanks Maurizio.

Resolved ...!!!

Never use Vpn unlimited optimal protocol
If it connects but internet doesnt work change the protocol it will work

It would have been useful if you stated how you resolved this - did you follow


advice in Post 3?

Also, your screenshot shows that the Repository does not have a Focal Release File. You need to ensure that you remove that Repository from your sources.list.d directory.

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Double click on the installation package, so I opened "software" with VPN Unlimited to uninstall.
I uninstalled the application. Then with Stacer I performed the complete uninstall and deleted the focal release file from the repository.

Now it's clean ...

Is something missing?

Thanks Maurizio.


Should I remove this string?

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