Unknown File System : Grub Recovery

So I've been using Zorin 16 Lite for about 2 weeks on a fairly new 240GB SSD Installed in my HP 4530s laptop, with a 3rd Gen Core i3 and 8GB of RAM.

Today, after 2 week on this install, I rebooted after Bluetooth became non-responsive, and was greeted to subject message.
For some reason the ext4 partition was no longer recognizable.
USB, and after several attempts at fixing it, ended up with changing my boot order.
I got back in and figure "problem solved".
Then I restarted again since Bluetooth "blacked out" again.
I was greeted a new message saying the drive was not readable.
Back into my Zorin USB and Disk tool, and after several attempts I got the drive to repair.

I'm back in my system now, but I'ld really liketo know what when wrong.
SMART drive check under GParted showed no errors.

I don't think this drive is ANYWHERE near it's read/write limit.

So... Any ideas? I have been yanking the power when bluetooth refuses to turn back on. So maybe it balked at that.

Here is the standard guide on fixing the error - which I have had to follow in the past, too:

The cause can vary a bit, usually by the removal of a necessary EFI partition.
If you are dual booting with Windows - you may check if Windows has made any changes to the EFI partition in regards to itself.

There can be other causes, of course... Such as disk failure or journaling failure during a sudden shutdown.

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What is this "Windows" of which you speak? :laughing: :laughing:
Nope. No dual boot. Never ran into this problem on Xunbuntu or XFCE Mint.

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