Unknown screen lock

Default Zorin 16.1 edu-lite install.
I set screensaver to not activate and also for PM on a/c.

After about 5 minutes or so, not sure exactly, something causes it to lock.

No other problems really, pretty good so far.

Oh, it is XFCE, not gnome. I found a thread regarding gnome screensaver. I do not have the 'privacy' settings they describe. Probably gnome.
Another thread gave me this: sudo xset s 0 0
but idk if it worked yet.

I'd really like to KNOW. What iis causing the screen lock?

I will see if the xset command worked and try disabling screensaver and powermanager entirely if it does not.

I was about to suggest this...

There is Screensaver that includes a lock action after a time. And power management that includes a lock after a time.
Under Settings > Power Manager > System > Security, ensure that LockScreen when system is going to sleep is Unchecked.
Then, Settings > Power Manager > Display slide any sliders that apply to Never (left side).
I have removed the screensaver application entirely, so I cannot reference it. But if you type screensaver in your app menu, it should offer up the app.
You can then move through the settings and ensure that it is disabled.
Ensure you do not have more than one screensaver app installed.
Like gnome-screensaver, xfce4-screensaver, screenlocker, xscreensaver...

yes, it is 'default' install, edu-lite
did all that already
good info though, ok
i like screensaver (xscreensaver, iirc) esp for the retros. I don't want to have to delete it. And i just doubt it is the problem as I have all the settings turned off, which worked fine up to now. Same for powermanager, settings are 'off', but not disabled.

lol, still haven't given the thing time enough to lock after doing the xset command, so what does that actually do?

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Let's allow some time to see if the xset -s 00 does the trick, then. It may be all you need.

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sure. but it just isn't good enough to say 'xset' or other cmd without context
i get that it likely alters some text file for screensaver config

it shouldn't require me to read all the docs on these things ;#)

i guess i'm the only one with odd screen locking? after turning it off?

I really like the way you are thinking. You don't want someone to throw a possible solution - you want to understand what is going on.

Xset is SETtings for X window system. The xset command calls on the X Window Settings.
xset s calls on X window Settings > Screensaver
0 0 is blanking time for each action, in this case, screenlock and power saver.
You can also use xset dpms 0 0 0

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neat, and super thanks, btw, you post some nice info
i think it worked, haven't had any screen lock, and took a break or two
happy halloween

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