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Quick question, what was the command to un-disable editing of locked system folders (like themes)?

sudo chom? no...

chown, however, I do not recommend using that.
System Locked Folders are protected by Root for a good reason. You do not want to change their ownership just to edit a file.
Instead, elevate your utility to root in order to edit a system file.
For example:
Elevate Nautilus File Manager to Root, then navigate to the system file or image you wish to alter and open it in the Root File Manager.


There is no way to even install cursors without that, though.

You can install cursors in your Home Directory without ever needing to elevate to root.
However, you can elevate to root, install a cursor, then access it in your Settings Manager without needing to change ownership files.

Installing to home (no root needed):

  • Extract the Cursor Directory into ~/.icons - If the .icons directory does not exist, right click an open area, select Create new folder and rename it to .icons
    Select the new icon theme from the settings manager.

Installing System-wide:

  • Elevate your file manager to Root. Navigate to the location of the extracted cursor directory and copy or cut the directory. Navigate to /usr/share/icons and paste the directory there.
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For ease open Files then select 'Other Locations', then select Computer, or File System.
Go to usr | share and search for icons. Right-click the icons folder and select 'Open in Terminal'
Once there, enter:

sudo su

enter your login password and you have elevated yourself to root. You can then if needs be create a new folder using the command:


Don't use spaces between words but dashes or only the first word will appear as the name of your directory. You should then be able to:


the cursors to the new folder.

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