Unreadable text after waking up from sleep

I'm using Zorin OS 17.1 Core on my Lenovo Thinkpad P52.
When I put my laptop to sleep using Super+L or I use the submenu, my laptop goes to sleep normally. When I wake it up, the text for the time, login info and every OS text is pixelated rectangles.

Rebooting makes the gibberish disappear.
I have a 4K screen, that may be an issue.

Looking forward for a fix!

Thanks in advance.

I suspect it's more of a computer or BIOS setting problem than a Zorin issue. At some point, the "deep sleep" (called S3) function on Linux became a bit of an issue due to changes in how hardware manufacturers implemented power saving and power management options. My laptop, which is "Linux ready," sometimes has hiccups after waking up, too.

A bit more in this Reddit thread:

Also, please check your graphics. Post the output from terminal for

sudo lshw- C video