UNRESOLVED - Installed zorin 15.3 core but no idea how to connect to wifi

running zorin on a dell laptop, the wifi icon is lit up but i don't know how to activate the connection which seems to be asking me to add the network server name. i have phoned my isp twice but i just get told to enter the network name which is a 10 alphanumeric number and hit enter which should continue the connection process automatically but nothing happens.

if i can get past this point, then hopefully i can move on to installing other programmes and access to the internet etc.

i'm very stuck and would be grateful for any help please.
thank you.

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The network connection manager should detect your wifi and offer it in a list when you click the icon on the panel. There are days... on mine... that it seems to list all other wifi in a fifty mile radius before it bothers listing my own wifi...

Are you seeing a list of available wifi?

hello aravisian,
thank you for your reply ...
no, i don't see any list of wifi links ...
all i can see now is a small list of groups of programmes with the top column showing 'accessories'

What do you see when you click the wifi cone icon in your tray?
Maybe a screenshot or photo would help us help you.

sorry ... i feel a bit dumb .. the wifi icon is lit up just above the keyboard, not blinking or anything ...
there is no wifi icon anywhere on the screen ...

hi ...
i'm not able to do anything with the icon ... i'ts not on screen ... it's just lit up like blackpool tower ...

if you tap the prtscrn Key, this will take a screenshot.

You can access the Wifi from the Activities Overview.
Or from Zorin App Menu (Start button), click on Settings, then click on WIFI from the left pane.

Or from Terminal


And follow the prompts it gives you.
Alternatively, from terminal, you can use

nmcli d wifi list

Find your Wifi Name on the list. Then enter in:

nmcli d wifi connect (The Wifi Name you found above) (password)

Without any parentheses. For example: nmcli d wifi connect Broadcom1231 spAnkyPasSword

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i don't have any prtscrn button on the keyboard but in settings at the top, i saw wifi in the left column and clicked that ... there are 2 visible networks showing mine ... clicked that and entered the 10 alphanumeric code ... there is a fan-like icon on the far right in black ... clicked the code i'd just entered but nothing happened ... there is an orange triangle with a question mark in it ... don't know what that means .....

OK. Another way to do a screenshot in Z15.3 Core.

When you went to Zorin>Settings>Wifi
You saw your Wifi listed and you clicked that and entered your password. Correct?
Can you double check you do not have NumLk or CapLk keys set and that you did enter your WiFi password correctly.

thanks ... tried that ... clicked utilities ... saw screenshot ... but the complete screen went very dark and i was unable to activate screenshot ... the small window showing the code i'd just entered was what darkened the main screen ... hope that makes sense ...

I am going to go out on a limb here...
Is there a reason you chose Zorin OS Core over Zorin OS Lite?

a fair question ... no worries ...
i just preferred to install a full programme rather than one that possibly didn't have as many components (included programmes) ...

Can you tell us the spec of your dell laptop?
Z15.3 Lite would be good for an older (lower spec) machine.
Z16 Core ( out tomorrow) maybe better if a newish machine.

Edit: @Aravisian was posting same time as me and has said a bit more about Core v Lite. i.e. Lite is not a poor relation of Core, just has a different desktop environment XFCE.

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This is something that really bothers me about the Zorin OS Download page. A point of disagreement, if you will.
The Zorin OS Download page refers to Core (Gnome Desktop) as the "Advanced" desktop and Lite (XFCE4 Desktop) as "For old pieces of computer."
This wording is leading... XFCE4 is every bit as advanced as Gnome is. I would argue that it is moreso, as it performs the same functions but is resource light and does not require breakable Gnome-Extensions in order to viably operate.
But for the user; XFCE4 is often easier to configure, adjust and build upon. I wonder if Zorin OS 15.3 Lite might be the better way to go. Core, which uses Gnome, can be usable to a long time experienced Linux'er.

I use Zorin LIte. Currently, since Zorin OS 16 Beta is only available in Core, I installed XFCE4 onto it and use it as Lite, anyway.


my son-in-law gave it to me a week ago ...
it's a latitude e7440 ... i've not yet looked up the spec. on the net but it's on my 'to do' list.

do you think i should ditch core and switch to the lite version?
if as you say, there both have the same content, i don't have a problem 'cos it's not like i've managed to get deep into it yet ...
i haven't even got past 'go' yet.
it's ok ... i'll d/l a copy of lite tomorrow morning (i'm up in scotland), detete core from the dell and install lite from a usb stick.


i kind of noticed ... thought it better to just carry on in the hope that my replies would get to the right questioner ... which i think they did.

i saw a few other names pop up too but don't think they were part of the 3 of us so didn't respond.

That is my prime motivator.:smiley:
My opinion is that it is a lot easier to start out on Lite (XFCE) then to start out on a desktop where you need to look under rocks just to find the settings you need to access.

In fairness, the ZorinGroup has done a great job of making Gnome far more user friendly and easy to use than Base Gnome out of the box.

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thank you for that info and thanks to both yourself and zabadabado for your help this afternoon ... i very much appreciate it ...

tomorrow, before i have to go out, hopefully i'll have core gone and lite in its place and fingers crossed, working too. hmmm ... we shall see.

Hello, @mipak...

I found the E7440s specs for you:

However, you can view the specific details of your E7440 by following the screen shots below (if you're interested):

NOTE: The screen shots may vary depending upon your particular Zorin Appearance settings.