Unresponsive taskbar

Hi, today I had a weird issue where the taskbar did not respond when I clicked on it, so I couldn't open the menu or launch any of the icons that I have as favorites, or other widgets like the time, calendar, network, etc. The "super" key however does bring up the menu normally.

It's currently set to hide intelligently and that works as well, it hides when an focused window is on top of it and appears after it moves away. Although when I hover the mouse over, it ignores it so it won't reappear even then.

I suppose I could restart the computer and that will probably solve the issue but I was wondering if I can just restart the process somehow? Is it part of zorin-appearance? Any help is much appreciated.

Try, [alt]+[F2]

write r and hit enter.

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Like this? I'm getting this error message. I should mention, I've just restarted the computer manually as things were getting a bit annoying to be honest. But would this restart the whole computer as well or just the desktop?

It will restart Gnome-shell.

EDIT: You use wayland, it may not work.

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Yeah, well it was an odd issue and it went away after rebooting. I'll mark it as solution anyway for someone else who may run into this. Do you know by any chance another work around while using Wayland?

Nope. I'm still on Xorg

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