Unsnap... anyone tried this?

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Also, this might come in handy if you find a package that's only in, for instance, RPM or TAR.GZ format, and you want to convert it to DEB format:


I didn't tried this but wouldn't it be easier simply to use directly Flatpak or .deb?

Unsnap is for those who've already got Snap packages and they want to get rid of Snap (because each Snap package is a mount that slows the boot), replacing the Snap packages with Flatpak packages.

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Yes, I understood that. But when I install something I look what I install, or not? And when I see that it is Snap I could directly look for a deb or Flatpak Version and use that.

And for the Case that a Program as Snap Version is installed I could simply uninstall the Program (and Snap with it, too) and then install the Flatpak or deb Version.

Don't understand me wrong; I don't want to make the Program worse. The Developers had there Toughts to create that.

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