Update causing lockups?

Is anyone else having problems with their computer locking up after the last update? Since the new kernal ending in 28 was installed I have had 4 instances of my laptop running 16 core locking up. One day it locked up once and the next day it locked up twice. Usually when nothing is going on except the screen saver which actually was just the background changing as a slide show. So I turned that off and it still locked up. I restarted and using Grub rolled back to 27. Ran it for 2 days and no locking up. Let my pc boot normally which took it back to 28. When I came back to it a few minutes ago it was locked up again. What I mean by locked up is that it is totally unresponsive. The only way to get out of it is to hold the power button down for several seconds until the laptop shuts down. I am now rebooted back into 27. So I will leave it like that for the rest of the day and see what happens but I think there is something my laptop doesn't like about 28. Prior to the update this laptop has never locked up running Z16 core.

Additional information: I am running cinnamon as my DE.

Kernels can be hit or miss on occasion. It is not unusual that some members experience troubles with a newer kernel. Rolling back and waiting for a later kernel is the safest bet; which you have already done.


Well after a couple of more days of running on the older kernel I am still not having any problems with locking up like I did with the newer kernel so I am sure the problem is with the newer kernel.

I found your tutorial on how to change Grub to automatically boot the older kernel and that made life a little simpler as now I don't have to wait for the Grub menu when booting up my laptop. Thanks so much Aravision for all the great tutorials you have taken the time to post. They do make adjusting to Linux much easier.

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