Update for GNOME Application Platform version 42 in Zorin Store

Dear community,

An update appears in my Zorin Store for “GNOME Application Platform version 42” - see attached Screenshot.

As I know Zorin 16 uses GNOME 3 and if I check the Software Updater it says that my computer is up-to-date.

So why the store wants to update GNOME 42?
Can I install it for safe or might be there problems?


What it is offering to install are Dependency packages for Flatpak Packages only.
If you have no Flatpak packages installed, then even attempting to install those dependencies might not actually install them. They are present in case the user does have flatpaks installed that needs them.
They are not dangerous, but also not useful if you have no flatpaks.

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You can safely install it. It is a flatpak dependency for you flatpak apps

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Ah, thank you for the information.
Now I know it :+1:

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