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I have been meaning to ask this for some time.
Most times when I do an apt-get in the terminal, I get a bunch of downloads.
If I do this 1 hour later are the updates the same, or are they different every time I do the command, ever minutes apart ?
I sometimes also notice that after >I do a command update/upgrade and then go to Software and do an update, it says there are some, so downloads them. Are these the same as from the command line?


I suspect apt-get will install the "traditional" packages. If you have installed any snap or flatpak applications these might be why you are getting other updates through software updater, or most likely, you haven't rebooted after the update. Just like that other OS, if you don't restart your machine the updates won't have been applied.

At times, I've noticed the same, but that was mostly because dependencies of the second round of updates had to be installed and applied prior to it triggering updates for other software.

Also wise to reboot after software updates. Whether that affects what you are seeing, I don't know.

Thank you. Yes that was why. I wasn't rebooting. Not used to having to remember to do it after Win reminds every time.
Now do the terminal then the soft update then boot.

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