Update repositories for KDE Dolphin

After updating to ZorinOS 17.1 KDE dolphin no longer shows the previews of the folders that are on my windows drive. Before it could.
Installing through software and packages (snap and flatpacks can see even the drive) the version installed is 21.12.3. We are already in 24.xxx.
How can I add o update the repositories to install newer versions?

You can't other than if there's a flatpak or snap package of it.

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Did you took a Look in the Settings of Dolphin if there is anything to set up?

You can't install a newer Version because Zorin based on Ubuntu 22 LTS. So, the Version in the Repos are only this and get only Security Updates and Bugfixes.

If You prefer KDE Desktop and want have a more up-to-date KDE Desktop You could try the KDE own Distro KDE Neon. There You have a LTS Base, too. But KDE updates his Desktop there. So, there You have the newest Plasma 6 Version.

Or You use the Flatpak (or Snap) Version of Dolphin from the Software Store. There You get the newest Version.

Or you could try PCLinuxOS. I like the KDE version as it uses the stable KDE (Plasma) 5.27, and has the Windows 10 menu with Gmail already in the menu (I still have to use Gmail for garbage mail!):

You could use throw away Mail Adresses for this.

Thank you all for the replays. SO It seems I'm out of luck with this.

As I said flatpaks or snaps are not even able to see the NTFS drive.
I prefer gnome, but Doplhin is better than Nautilus for browsing media.

Have you tried adjusting Dolphin flatpak with flatseal?