Update the Zorin OS theme

When I do right-click is not rounded (it is like Zorin OS 15) and the i changed the accent colors (eg:red) the background changed to red in dark mode

Could you please post screenshots to help readers visualize what you are describing?

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Ok,wait to start the virtual machine

Go to the link:Fix bug - Google Drive

I do not see any Red Colors and the corners are Rounded in the Screenshots posted above. I am confused.

i am in the blue accent color but as same

I am sorry, but I am still not understanding.

Please use Clear and precise descriptions along with helpful screenshots to show and detail what the issue is. I use Yandex translate instead of Google Translate as it has better accuracy.

The first photo is non-redesign context menu in Zorin OS 16 Pro (like Windows 10) and second photo with redesign (Windows 11) it's big difference

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I have moved this thread to the Feedback Forum and am adding tags for the ZorinGroup to review a specific Zorin Theme issue:
@AZorin @zorink

Do you understand now the problem?

I umm... Well, I guess I uhh... It looks like... that it...


EDIT: Looking at the images, they both look as rounded. The second image looks very rainbow and colored in an odd way to me. I am not sure what it is exactly, that I am seeing or even if it is intentional or not.

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Do you have discord?

Yes, on Discord:
#6868 Aravisian

can you accept

Done. :slight_smile: