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Currently running 16.3 CORE (dual boot windows 10) ... looking to update to PRO.
Q: Will I have to re-install all the apps I've installed on CORE?

You could just upgrade to pro without reinstalling using the upgrader tool in System Tools.


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In interest of full disclosure I think it's worth pointing out that ZorinOS 17 will be released soon*. The reason I mention this is because each version of ZorinOS Pro requires a separate purchase to gain access to Pro. This means that if you buy ZorinOS Pro now it would apply only for version 16, not the soon to be released 17.

That said, ZorinOS 16 will be supported until 2025 so by no means it would be a wasted purchase. Buying Pro is one very good way of contributing to the ZorinOS project as it doesn't really provide anything that couldn't be obtained on your own; the main purpose is indeed to support the project and get some nice out of the box experience.

* The ZorinGroup works on a "release when ready" basis so there's no fixed date of release.


you can also donate directly to zorin, both options support the developer.
the below paypal was obtained from the funding section on the about page


Purchased PRO, downloaded the ISO .... what is the procedure to install the .iso?

if you already have core installed:

  1. Backup any data
  2. Open the Zorin (Z) menu
  3. Navigate to System Tools
  4. Open "Upgrade Zorin OS"
  5. Select "Upgrade" next to Pro
  6. Follow on-screen Instructions
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Use the upgrader tool in your current core installation. All you need to enter is the support code and the email you used to purchase pro.

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The OP's original question re installed apps has not been addressed.
I assume installation of Pro over Core, even using Updater, will affect apps he has already installed?
Backing up /Home will save his data, but not installed apps.
Can someone who has done this transformation prove me wrong.

You can directly upgrade your existing installation of Zorin OS in-place with the Upgrade Zorin OS app. This means you should keep your existing files, apps, and settings after the upgrade is complete

This is what is stated on Zorins page