Update Zorin 16.3 to 17.1 pay again?

Hello, I bought Zorin 16.3 Pro and wanted to update to 17.1 Pro. Now I'm being told I have to pay for the update, why?
If you update from 17.1 to 18 do you have to pay again?

When you pay for a Pro license, you are paying to use that series of product.

Example: If you purchased Zorin 16.3 Pro, you are entitled to the Pro versions of the 16x series (the 'point releases'), but not the next version (17).

This means:

  • Yes, you would need to pay for an additional license to use Zorin 17 Pro, and
  • Yes, you would need to pay again to use Zorin 18 Pro.

I treat the license as a donation to support the project - and will be purchasing one for myself this week.


Thanks, apparently I overlooked something, I thought that if I bought the license once, then the next updates would be included. As with Windows, I bought Windows 7 and was able to update to 10 for free and can now even update to 11 for free. It's a shame then I'll probably switch to Linux Mint because every update is free. What a rip-off €48,- a reach into the toilet.

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I think you are missing the point that Zorin Core, like Mint, is at no cost. Pro is a way to contribute to the continuing development of Zorin while getting a little bit extra in the from of extra included applications, layouts, and some support if you are new to Linux/Zorin.

I have been using Zorin Core (15, 16, and 17) on and off for several years with no problems just like I use Mint's LMDE.


Thanks, sure it's good to support it, what annoys me is that it doesn't say anywhere that you have to pay again if you want the next version of Pro.

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@Abrahamer, please see here:

Windows OS has switched to a different model in order to still obtain profit while offering "Free" upgrades.
It is not really free. But it is more lucrative.

Zorin OS is an independent project on GnuLinux and does not have any advertising. Not on the website, not on any applications, there are no advertisements anywhere in Zorin OS.
Advertising is also disallowed on this forum.
Instead, Zorin OS is supported by members like yourself that choose Pro.

This does not mean you are locked in, however. Many users choose Pro intermittently, or instead, choose Core and use the Donate button to specify a small amount to contribute to the project.

Users like yourself have made Zorin OS the reliable and long term project that it is; so thank you for being a contributor in keeping Linux Free Open Source for all users.


Then I have another question, can I also update from 16.3 Pro to 18 Pro or do I have to pay twice?

read RobinDP post!

This is a very valid question and an answer would be helpful to many people.
The short answer is No, a user can upgrade from Core to Pro, therefor a user can install the skipped release of Core, then use the Zorin Upgrader Tool to upgrade that initial install directly to the latest Pro release.

However; if a user were were to remain on 16 Pro, then wish to use the Zorin Upgrader tool to upgrade to 17 in order to upgrade to the (future) release of Zorin OS 18, then as it stands using the Upgrader Tool, it will require that the user upgrades to 17 Pro first, resulting in the user being double charged.
This necessitates a fresh install of the skipped version to avoid that tangle. This, in itself, is not a bad thing, since two releases is quite a lot of change and many packages will require a fresh install at that point, anyway. A user is not advised (On Ubuntu or other LTS releases) to perform a Direct Upgrade more than once.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Thanks, do you have a way as a community leader to contact Zorin to find out if you have to pay twice if you want to upgrade from 16.3 Pro to 18 Pro?

As of March 2024 Microsoft has a market cap of $3.018 Trillion. This makes Microsoft the world's most valuable company by market cap according to our data.

If we were given a fair price for our data collected only by Microsoft, we could buy enough ZorinOS Pro licenses to last you ten lifetimes.


Any member may do so and last night, I did send a message to the ZorinGroup asking for clarity on this issue, linking this thread. It is a weekend, however so we must allow time for them to read and respond.

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Update for this thread:

As of today (March 10 2024), the Zorin Upgrader tool is fixed so that users need only enter their purchase code for the edition that they are upgrading to, which will allow them to upgrade through the intermediate edition.

For example, if a Zorin OS 16 Pro user remains on Zorin OS 16, then wishes to upgrade to Zorin OSD 18 (future release), they can enter their purchase code for Zorin OS 18 and it will allow the upgrade to Zorin OS 17, then 18, on the same code.


Thank you for following up for us, @Aravisian!

Thank you Team Zorin!

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If Zorin 17 Pro is on 22.04 jammy, then?

I'd prefer to pay £40+ for a pro Zorin than I would pay £100+ for Windows11 plus all its built-in spyware, annoying pop-up windows and we-control-your-computer attitude. I also keep a free Z17 Core on my old laptop, as a back-up in case my desktop machinery has problems. Have not long completed five years' worth of Zorin use as my main OS and apart from odd problems now and then (primarily due to my modest Linux knowledge) I wouldn't change it.

Thank you very much for your Help.

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Ok. But when ubuntu LTS is released after next two years that means next two years will be Zorin 18?
Yes linux is lighter OS from Windows11 but Windows11 is usable without activation key and you get all updates and security.
For older hardware linux is winner.