Update Zorin OS 16 Beta to Zorin 16

Is it possible to upgrade Zorin 16 OS beta to Zorin 16?

How do you do it and how do I know I am off the beta version?

There is no "upgrade" path currently. If you were in beta you can run software update or in terminal Type:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

This will get your kernel to 5.11, security updates and make it essentially core. There was nothing denoting alpha, beta or official release... the current software releases are what make the os what it is. What do i mean, is that as long as the os is receiving the updates from zorin it will be current with the current releases. They may eventually shut down the beta channel, but i don't see that since all sources in the file point to the general release as does the new core and pro. So as long as you update your system, you will have the latest version without fresh install.