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Hi- looking for history information on system updates that have come down and I've installed over the past 10 days. I am having a problem with openCL causing crashes when using darktable 4.0 flatpak. Didn't have the issue prior to about 10 days ago, and have noticed a few Nvidia driver updates. Crashes occurred prior to the latest 5.13>5.15 kernel update. Thanks.

I would remove the flatpak version of dark table and go to this page:


Then click on Ubuntu icon, then choose .deb package for 20.04 on which Zorin 16 is based and use Gdebi to install it.

Thanks, but the Opensuse package has had dependency problems in the past. I'll do a custom build myself on the first point release. In the meantime, there is a problem with the Nvidia drivers on Zorin. Rebuilding the kernel with Nvidia 510 seems to have worked with a cursory test.

Kernel 5.15-0.41/Nv510-failed, after rebuild works (for now)
Kernel 5.15-0.41/Nv515-no openCL available
Kernel 5.13-0.51/Nv510 works
Kernel 5.13-0.39/Nv510 no openCl

If you use Gdebi for all third party installs it tells you instantly if there is a dependency error.

Not a solution for me at this time. The builds are missing camera data (although lens data is detected), and there were also security keys missing. I had a dt vs 3.61 version from OpenSuse, after that, nothing but problems. I may try it again, but for now, I'll stick with the flatpak.

There are a couple threads on the issue over at pixlus if you are interested in more info.

Keep forgetting about pkgs.org. better from here. Just download the one for Ubuntu 20.04 on which Zorin 16 is based.


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Thanks, but they look pretty out of date.

So far, flatpak is working again after rebuild of kernel/nvidia 510.

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