Updates Mess up the Resolution

Hello everyone! I don't come here very often so I don't know what kind of info is required upon posting, so please tell me if I missed anything.

So, every single time I make a Zorin update (through command line and zorin software-updater, I don't really use the software store) my screen resolution gets wonky, all messed up, and therefore everything looks a tad squashed. It's not unusable but it is very weird and annoying to look at.

Sometimes, running this command helps:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*' && sudo ubuntu-drivers install

But some other times it just doesn't do anything. IIRC I got this line from the forum itself on another post I did on the issue, but it's not being all that helpful nowadays.

Any help is welcome!

I see from your profile you have ZorinOS Lite. Good that you provide that info there.
Can you tell us which graphics card/s you have.
Also a screenshot of your "wonky" screen may be helpful so we can see the issue.
(You can add a screenshot using the "Upload" tool, 7th from left on the Reply Box toolbar)

Have you tried booting a previous kernel via Zorin Additional Options from grub screen?

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Can you check if you have DKMS installed?
What Nvidia Graphics card are you using?
Are you using the nomodeset grub parameter?

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It is an nvidia 750ti
Also I'm using a dualboot with arch so it's arch's grub that leads me to Zorin

@Aravisian how do I check any of that? I'm not that knowledgeable of a user xD from apt search dkms, it seems there is nothing installed.

Also, @zabadabadoo, by previous kernel do you mean like any other entry from grub under the Zorin options? Well, no, but I'll try it. The screenshot is now impossible because after I shut the pc for a few hours and came back, Zorin went back to normal? It's a wild bug. But I can quickly edit an image to show you what it looks like:



Like this, except when it's wonky, it gets squashed without getting wider :V just... idk it's like everything gets pulled from the sides while still fitting on the screen idk if you can get it.

Well, you have addressed two of the questions and nomodeset is something you would have needed to add to Grub, so would remember it.
You can double check with

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

and see if that parameter is included after quiet and splash

This actually sounds physical, to me.
Is this a Notebook computer?

@Aori That line got my attention, so assumed video problem may be related to a kernal update.
Have you gone to ZorinOS Additional Options and booted a previous kernel to test that assumption?

@Aravisian has a point that it sounds physical if the issue comes and goes. Is your machine running hot when the problem occurs?

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