Updates Tuesday

Tuesday, went into software updater, no new updates but could update to Ubuntu 20.04, hit the button to update which took ages. Now, computer freezes. slow to open apps, cannot open settings, cannot for the life of me add apps to the desktop (have tried Zorin and Ubuntu nothing works). Is anyone else having problems ? and how do I fix them.

That should not have happened, actually, without changing a specific file in root. I wonder what happened there...

What happened to you was you just performed a "Direct Upgrade" from Zorin OS 15.3 to Ubuntu 20.04. Which given the results, shows exactly why the Zorin Group recommends against it.
This means your system is now on an (apparently slightly damaged) Ubuntu 20.04 build and no longer using Zorin OS.
You cannot "undo" Ubuntus Direct Upgrade. The only alternative you have at this time is to Back Up All your Files and reinstall Zorin OS- but if you are willing, you might go for the Zorin OS 16 Beta currently available to make the most use out of the situation.

In future, if you want to ensure all your apps are up to date on Zorin, you can just run in terminal:

sudo apt upgrade


sudo apt dist-upgrade

If you are feeling particularly frisky (but not really risky) you can run

sudo apt full-upgrade

The differences;
Dist-upgrade will upgrade any packages that do not require deletion of elements of that package in order to upgrade it.
Full-upgrade will upgrade all packages, even if it requires deleting elements in order to replace them with new elements to upgrade that package.

I always just full-upgrade, myself...


Hey, Jim!

As our good friend Aravisian has mentioned, it is quite strange that this update even showed up.

Anyway, the damage is already done, and it may be impractical to auto restore your system to the way it was before with a simple command or something in those lines.

Therefore, i suggest you to backup as much of your personal data as possible before anything else.

After that, try to recall if you backed up your system with any common Linux backup software, such as Timeshift or the pre-installed one, backups (Déjà Dup).

If there was any backup consider going back to it. If there wasn't, then a fresh install may be your best option, as Aravisian mentioned.

But remember to backup your personal data before that, ok?

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I know already that Deja Dup can only restore backed up data, it cannot undo a Direct Upgrade.
I am reasonably sure that the same applies to Timeshift and I would hazard a guess that attempting to undo a Direct Upgrade by restoring a Timeshift save point could make things worse.

Thanks that's really helpful. Will have a look at upgrading to 16.

Thanks for the advice. 16 looks like a good idea.

Note Backup (Deja Dup) by defaut only backs up /home
That should cover your personal files, but you will have to reinstall app's that are extra to that which come with Z16 Core Beta.