Updating broken on 17 Pro

I have no idea why, but when I go to check for updates it says it can't access the repositories....nothing is fixing it. It was working fine a day ago. Any suggestions?

Are you referring to the Zorin Upgrader or to the Software Updates app?

What is your terminal output for

sudo apt update

Hi, is your software updater set to your country server or Main Server?

Zorin upgrader, not software, should have mentioned that, sorry.

It's set to exactly where it was when installed, I trend to not mess with them if they're working ok.

The locale server sometimes gets out of sync so advised to change this as per my advice in the Unofficial manuals for Zorin 15 and 17.

Ok folks, I found the culprit, it was a broken repository added after adding a VPN that was gumming up the works. Disabled it and all it well. Thanks for the help!

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